1. Consultation

Our custom jewelry design process starts with an in-person or over the phone dialog where we collaborate together and discuss how you envision the final piece to look in your mind’s eye.

The main points that we’ll cover are:

-Timeline for completion
-Style and overall look of your piece
-Types of precious metals that will be used
-The addition of gemstones (if any)
-The addition of hand engraving (if any)

After all of the details are collected, we will follow up within 1 business day and provide an estimated cost to bring your perfect heirloom into physical reality.

2. Render

Once you decide to move forward with the initial concept, we will hand draw a custom rendering in all three front, top and side views.

This will give you an accurate idea of what you can expect the finished design to look like.

3. Forge

After you have approved the final design, raw materials are carefully selected and the process of forging your beautiful new piece begins.

We will approach this in one of two ways; the first is by hand carving a wax if a design is particularly intricate and sculptured looking. In this process we use a method called lost wax casting. The second method is by forming the metal by hand with the use of traditional techniques like hammering and soldering the metal in the shape of your design.

4 The Heirloom

After careful and attentive craftsmanship, your refined ornament is unveiled. You are sure to notice the weight, temperature and texture of the precious metal and stone unlike anything else. For both the wearer and the viewer, it will be a spectacle of light and color to be treasured and cherished for generations to come.