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What are Goldbacks?

What are Goldbacks?

Imagine holding a small, beautiful piece of gold in your hand that you can actually use to buy commodities and goods. Goldbacks are a new fascinating type of local, voluntary currency that are made of gold and serve as an alternative to traditional fiat currencies.

The purpose of Goldbacks is to encourage spending within a specific locality, stimulating local businesses and fostering community connections.

What makes Goldbacks even more interesting is that they often showcase the history, culture, or important figures of the specific region where they are used. Every Goldback is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted with intricate designs and advanced security features, ensuring their authenticity and safeguarding against counterfeiting.

In a variety of stunning designs from 4 states and counting-- each Goldback has  a specific labeled gold weight, and is considered to be the first voluntary, local currency that can double down as a collector’s item, making them a unique fractional gold addition to any collection.

Despite being made of gold, some of these notes are very rare and will not only follow the gold spot price-- but like art, they will also follow the live, real-world supply-demand curve based on rarity.
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