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Brady Mesch

Designer | Metalsmith

Brady Mesch is a designer and goldsmith best known for his expert hand engravings and one-of-a-kind high jewelry pieces. Informed by his dual interest in contemporary and classic design, his pieces are comprised of fresh forms that reflect centuries of elegant ornament in jewelry. 

Brady has produced work for several renowned jewelry designers across the United States and has completed rigorous academic programs under internationally recognized master jewelers and engravers.

His hard-earned skills have placed him in a growing movement of jewelers who are reviving the tradition of hand-fabrication in custom jewelry.  

Brady’s work can be seen at our newly opened workshop and showroom in Evergreen, Colorado

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Sharon Saulsberry


After four plus decades deep into the many facets of the construction world, there became a yearning to step away from accounting and plunge into the fascination of the applied art world. My three artistically talented sons have shown me, from birth, the beauty of creation, the lure of imagination and the magic of being a “one of a kind”. The journey, once seemingly impossible, is now unstoppable. Through a shared multi-faceted vision, the forever-evolving kaleidoscope like passion has been unleashed. A true legacy with purpose has been claimed.

With great pride and honor allow me to welcome you to our beautifully crafted artistry studio.


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