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Vintage Jewelry Designs Re-Produced in Present Day

Vintage Jewelry Designs Re-Produced in Present Day

Die-striking is an extraordinary centuries-old technique that is used to create some of the most beautiful heirloom jewelry and novelties throughout history.

The fabrication of each piece requires a highly skilled engraver to carve an intricate design into a steel block called a hub. The hub is then used to stamp the design into another steel block (the working die) that is used to produce the design.

Using the working die and a hydraulic press with up to 20 tons of pressure, the metal is cold pressed taking on the shape of the engraved artwork. Next, the piece is shaped and finished by hand by our metalsmith. The result is an incredible display of art and ingenuity.

Unfortunately, in modern times, die-striking is no longer a favorable method for producing jewelry. Countless works of art have been shelved to collect rust, or in some cases, sent to a refinery for the steel to be melted down and recycled.

We believe, however, that this legacy of die-striking should be preserved. These engravings are as essential to our historical identity as music, fine art, literature and architecture.

With our expertise in the fabrication of fine, hand-crafted jewelry, we can utilize the same methods of die-struck jewelry and re-create some of these lost designs.  Our collection of die struck jewelry features only a very small percentage of these incredible works of art.

When you purchase a die-struck piece from us, you not only have the opportunity of owning a "new" vintage heirloom-- you are also helping to ensure the preservation of these historical designs and expand on what we are able to offer in our collection.

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